The Cat Attack Robotics Team Summer Season is about to begin! Come explorer the exiting aspects of: CAD (Computer Aided Design); Controls; Electrical; Pneumatics ; Mechanics.                  

Open House – May 24

Are you interested in science and technology? Specifically engineering? You should check out Dana’s FIRST Robotics team, The Cat Attack! Every year we get a new rule book with a new game to play, and we get 6 weeks to design and build the robot to play the game! We then take our robot to […]

Robot Bagged

As of 9:48 PM of the 23rd, our robot, Sir Cats-A-Lot, has been put in the bag! To team members: We will still be continuing having meetings every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. In the case of inclement weather, call the hotline (419-887-3490) to confirm if we have a meeting. If you hear something about lawnmower, […]

So Long, and Thanks for all the Mowers

Thank you all for your support at our annual Lawn Mower Winterization this year! We serviced 282 items in total, up from 265 last year. If you have any problems with your serviced mower, you may call 419-887-3490 and we will attempt to help to the best of our abilities. Thanks again for all of […]